Good advice for YouTubers

Среди различных платформ на просторах сети Интернет, особым спросом пользуется именно Ютуб.


Among the various platforms on the Internet, it is YouTube that is in special demand. And all due to the fact that he has a sufficiently large potential for the development of the activities of each person, and receiving both additional income, and in general to organize for himself the main type of activity. Already more than one hundred people, thanks to the maintenance of the YouTube channel, have been able to earn a positive reputation for themselves, and, of course, significantly replenish their budget with rather big money.

However, a great thirst for big money can turn one’s head, and a person can choose the wrong directions for the development of their activities. So, for example, there are YouTube channel owners who wanted to quickly develop their platform, decided to increase the number of views or likes by buying from dubious companies.

When choosing a company that provides purchase:

  • views;
  • likes;
  • comments.

You should carefully choose a reliable intermediary that guarantees the quality of their services. So, for example, you can buy youtube 1 million subscribers and still not harm your channel.

Things to avoid on YouTube

The following tips will help young and middle-aged Youtubers not to make the mistake of ruining their reputation.

  • Do not use other people’s music and videos without the prior permission of the owner.

The temptation is great, after seeing an interesting video, or hearing cool music, you want to use it on your channel. However, fair use is an application of no more than five seconds in length. Longer gaps can lead to a strike, not to mention the complete plagiarism of the material. In some cases, it can be done simply by blocking the channel. However, there have been more serious consequences in history, namely, legal proceedings.

  • It is annoying to ask for subscriptions and spam in the comments.

It is better not to leave silly and ridiculous comments. You can express your opinion, however, if it really takes place. If it’s just spam, then such statements are quickly suppressed. In pleura times, this can do with the usual warning from the platform administration. However, if you do not listen to such appeals, then the person’s YouTube channel may be blocked.

  • Using tags that are not related to the uploaded video.

When posting videos, very young YouTubers prescribe popular tags to attract a larger audience, despite the fact that they have nothing to do with the plot, script and theme of the posted product. Such actions can lead to a strike.